RG6 F Type coaxial connector Extension Adapter Gold Plated - Pack of 5

New RG6 F Type coaxial connector Extension Adapter Gold Plated - Pack of 5


                 F-Type RG6 Female Coaxial Extender

The RG6 Coaxial extender connector inserts provide a secure and quick way to connect two RG6 coaxial cables for your UHD TV.

These commercial grade inserts provide a time-saving and tidy alternative to running long coax cables across the floor. they are standard coaxial connectors; they can be used to connect multiple coaxial cables. Generally, they are used indoors. join the common cables that have male connectors at both ends. Cost-Effective 5-Pack. This easy and convenient 5-Pack provides a spare extension for a bedroom and basement location.

·         Easy to install and disassemble

·         Providing spare or replacement Adapters to use on different audio systems

·         Gold-plated Crafts, anti-oxidation, no signal loss, high transfer speed, durable and long-lasting use

·         1 GHz

·         Coax coupler with gold plating resists corrosion and provides rigidity

·         RG6 coupler for extending the length of RG6 coaxial cables

·         Perfect choice for RG6 Patch cables.

·         Convenient and cost-effective 5-pack F81 connectors provide spare or replacement coaxial couplers for multiple RG6 cables

·         Each F-81-barrel connector is individually packaged for maximum protection

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