Cat6 plenum unshielded 1000ft utp 550 Mhz 23 AWG Cable - FREE SHIPPING

Cat6 plenum unshielded 1000ft utp 550 Mhz 23 AWG Cable - FREE SHIPPING

Cat6 solid, the cable is defined in TIA/EIA-568-B delivers a significant enhancement in performance over Cat5 and Cat5e. Cat 6 550Mhz unshielded Plenum Solid Blue Bulk Cable supports all category 6 applications including Ethernet 100BASE -TX, 100BASE-VG, and 155 ATM. Particularly suited for high bandwidth applications such as 622 ATM, Wideband, Ethernet 1000BASE-T, and emerging applications with anticipated data rates to 3.2 Gbps. No. 23 AWG solid bare end conductor insulated with FEP. Two colored mated insulated conductors twisted together to form a pair and four pairs assembled around a pair separator to form a core During the process of Cat6 manufacturing Cat6 cables are more tightly twisted than either cat5 or cat5e and they often have an outer foil or braided shielding. The shielding of the cable protects the twisted pairs of wires inside the Ethernet Cable. It also helps to prevent noise and crosstalk interference. Technically Up To 1 Gbps speed supported by CAT 6 Solid Cable but it can be done only so for up to 60 Meters. Originally it is designed to support Gigabit Ethernet applications. It is similar to Cat5e but CAT 6 has an extra thing in the jacket that is a physical separator in the cable between the four pairs which allows gigabit transmission and further reduces electromagnetic interference over CAT5e. CAT6 cable is able to support speeds of 1 Gbps for up to 100 (330 Feet) meters. And 10 Gbps of up to only 55 meters (180) nowadays CAT6 is a standard for cabling installations technicians however its most important to note that all cabling components which are patch cords, patch panels, and jacks.

·       Suitable for 550MHz High-Speed Data Applications, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI (Copper Distributor Data Interface)

·         Exceeds EIA/TIA 568 B.2-1

·         High-Performance Data Communications Cable for Noisy Environments

·         Category-6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Plenum Cable

·         4-Pair - Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs

·         Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics

·         CMP/FT6 rated for use in walls and in a ceiling

·         Sequential foot markers

·         High-Performance Data Communications Cable for Noisy Environments

·         Cable Type: Cat6Ethernet Cable Length: 1000 ft. (305m) Cable

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