What type of networking wire and cable is used in commercial buildings?

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What type of networking wire and cable is used in commercial buildings?


Hi installers, If you are confused by some of the networking cables providers who recommend cables for you to buy, actually the point is they are selling their profitable cables to you. They haven’t any concern with your job professionally and the problems that you faced on site.

First of all, you need to examine how much speed and working environment you are going to establish. If you have a project like a house owner needs installation, it’s your job to recommend him the best cable that is for his/her home. If his/her use is only just like normal use 2 or 3 connections, just like 1mbps to 10 Mbps then you need to buy or recommend him Cat6 non-plenum or cat5e non-plenum in any color. Because inside the houses, the maximum length would be 20ft to 30ft. If you are thinking wiring in the electric duct you need Cat6 plenum or Cat5e Plenum. Because plenum rated jacket cables are more reliable then non-plenum jackets. Plenum-rated jackets are low smoke and flame resistance. If by chance flame or electric spark exist in the wiring plenum cable is more secure then non-plenum cables. If you are installing separate cable, so don’t worry you are free to install non-plenum cable. Non-plenum cable is the lowest price then plenum. Inside the cable jacket, solid conductors are the same, no matter its plenum rated jacket or non-plenum jacket.

If you are willing to installation in an office or commercial building, then you need to recommend them Cat6 plenum rated cable. Cat6 plenum cables are more efficient cable than ever. Cat6 plenum cable is 550Mhz and 23 AWG solid conductors. Cat6 plenum cable is being used in normally any kind of situation and buildings. Before buying any networking cable, ask your vendor or cable provider that the cable is fluke tested or not. Sometimes, you go through with wire more than 60ft in a single length. If the cable is not fluke tested, your end signals would be drop. Connectivity would be dysconnectivity. Then you need to fix the issue to give it more speed. But this is not a solution. You have to use there cat6 plenum fluke tested cable. Fluke tested cable means, cable transfer signals almost the same start to end till 60 meters.

If you buy cables for reselling at your store, you can buy cat6 plenum blank boxes.

Cm cables Inc. provides all items authentic and certified tested as well. If we think our customer is looking a bit confused to choose the right cable, we ask him his/her purpose or need of installation, then we recommend him the best cable. If your customer is happy with your work. It means you solved his/her issues. Just think about this quote” Dear customer, we can not spell s_ccess without U” you have to fulfill all the requirements of your clients.

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