What is patch cable and what is its uses?

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Now my turn to your question that, what is patch cable and what is its uses?

A patch cable is generally a piece of a cable (Cat5e or Cat6) might be in different lengths 1 feet to 100 feet. Its ends are not bare, it patched with RJ45 crimp connectors with dual sides to connect 2 electronics devices with each other, like your main hub to a second computer or device.

These patch cables also carry audio, telephone and video signals between devices which are non-networked applications. These kinds of patch cable also called patch cords and patch leads.

The term “patch cord” when comes in our mind, its shows that we need it for our computer.

Here is an image to clear the concept of patch cable’s needs.

Some installer made their patch cables, if they need different lengths in a single location, they purchase a box for Cat6 Plenum 1000ft in their required color. They cut their required length and patch with RJ45 Connectors and made their own cable. Patch cable always have connectors at both ends.

There are different kinds and types of networking patch cables, some where you will find installed cat5e, cat6 and cat6A, according to they need. They used patch cables to linking a computer to second or nearby hub, switch or router. Some where some travelers carry their own patch cable in their laptop bag, maybe they stay in n older hotel where might they can not find WIFI signals and then they use patch cable to use internet.

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