Do you know! How and why an Ethernet cable lose signal during in the process of transmission?

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Do you know! How and why an Ethernet cable lose signal during in the process of transmission?

Read the article and get complete your information regarding lose of signal in the process of transmission.

Here are two (2) main reasons for signal losing or degradation over Ethernet and other wire-based media.

  1. Wire resistance:

Since when our ideal and perfect conductors solid or stranded no matter, exist only in theory or special conditions, the signal in the wire transmitted over an Ethernet cable will lose strength as they transmitted over a given standard distance. Based on the network data transmission speed required and the category of an Ethernet cable the lengths are limited to the recommended lengths.

  1. Interference and Cross Talk:

In every category cable, all conductors carrying an electrical signal, which will generate their own magnetic field. Which can interfere with the electron flowing in the nearby conductor. That is why an Ethernet cable contains twisted pairs of wires. Some engineers said that, according the physics rule, electron runs faster and smooth in twisted pair, same as if we draw a shape of our voice, they said, zig zag lines. That’s why twisted pairs are necessary to make in the cable. The twisting of the pairs aims to cross the wires at 90 degree or as close as possible to 90 degree reducing cross talk. When an Ethernet cable is pulled, yanked or generally abused you can expect the twists to change. Usually loosen causing less than optimal performance. You can see this difference originally, when you come at a time with Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6-A cable. You will see the twisted of Cat5e is less or loos that Cat6 and Cat6-A contains more tight twist than Cat6 and Cat5e.

Some field engineers believe on that, all electronic signals sent down a conductor will be impacted by resistance. This resistance will eventually make the signal so weak it is un-intelligible by the receiving end. Even fiber transmission must be amplified using EDFA’s or something similar EDFA’s

In addition to this electromagnetic fields created by the flowing electricity of the twisted conductors inside the Ethernet cable impact signal quality. This is why they twist the conductors. The twisting is the designed to offset EM Interference.

In some computer technical institute, they didn’t recommend to use USB Cord over 3ft for this reason.


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