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Cat6 plenum rated fluke tested 1000ft 550Mhz 23AWG UTP Solid cable

-14% Cat6 plenum rated fluke tested 1000ft 550Mhz 23AWG UTP Solid cable

Our Cat6 plenum cable is Fluke test passed, data frequency passed and ETL listed RoHS/EIA/TIA complaint. That’s why it called CM-P, CM stands for communication and P stands for Plenum. This Category 6 or Cat6 CMP cable has 23 American wire gauge, it means its’s conductor diameter is 23 and its Megahertz is 550. This cat6 CMP UTP has a tighter twist of each pair of wires. It brings more efficient electromagnetic along with decrease crosstalk because of its thicker sheath within making it more resistive to (NEXT) near the end of the cross talk and (AXT) Alien Cross-Talk and makes a strong protection wall against noise attenuation.

As per 550Mhz means that its frequency is 550 Mhz. Cable testers are sure that this cable can support anything from 1 MHz to 550MHz. It has enhanced performance long-distance run cable in signal frequencies audio/video, broadband, network adapters, bandwidth, security capability, 622 ATM, Wideband, Ethernet 1000BASE-T and emerging applications with anticipated data rates to 3.2 Gbps. Cat6 cable is also known as booster Gigabit Ethernet data transmission rates. It can support 1 Gigabit per second. Our cat6 plenum 1000ft cable in extremely improved for network data signal transmission performance and greatest resistance from environmental external noise. This plenum-rated 550 MHz cable is specially designed after calculation and requirements most of the network cable installers, technicians, and contractors in America. Plenum rated for plenum spaces cat6 plenum solid 550 cables is essentially reducing the crosstalk related issues and loss of data packets. It comes in user and installer-friendly easy pull out boxes. No need to open the box and hang on the reel stand. Just place the box and pull the cable. You can notice the remaining cable and you also can write down on the box. We include a side with columns to keep your record on every box of the cable. Cm cables 1000ft cat6 plenum cable can suit 10 Gigabit Ethernet over a limited or restricted length of 180 feet. 





velocity of propagation:


Solid Wire Gauge:

23 AWG (American Wire Gauge)


550 MHz (Megahertz)



Spline Separating:

Yes, Nylon

Installation Temp:

0°C to 75°C


Cat6 CMP 0.57±0.01mm

Jacket & Shielding:

CMP Jacket – Unshielded (UTP)

Standard Compliances:

ISO/IES ROHS Compliant, ETL Listed


0.57±0.01mm – 4 Tight Twisted Pairs

Length & Package:

1000 Feet 305Meter – EZ Pull Box

Jacket Colors Available:


100 Base-T4 – 100 Base-TX – 100VG – Any LAN – 1000 Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) – 155 Mbps ATM – 622 Mbps AT

Test Passed

Fluke Test Passed



*      Manufacturer: CM CABLE INC.

*      Performance Level: Category 6

*      ETL listed and Fluke tested cable

*      Gigabit Ethernet Ready 

*      RoHS Compliant

*      Jacket Material is Plenum Rated

*      Number of twisted Pairs-4

*      Conductor Gauge-23 AWG

*      Conductor type: Solid

*      Shielding type - Unshielded (UTP)

*      No-Smoke fire retardant

*      Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs

*      10BASE-T through 1000BASE-T ethernet

*      ATM and token ring

*      Meets ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-C.2 and 568-C.2 specification

*      Suitable for 550MHz High-Speed Data Applications

*      Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and 155Mbps

*      TP-PMD/CDDI (Copper Distributor Data Interface)

*      High-Performance Data Communications Cable for Noisy Environments

*      Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics

*      4-Pair - Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs

*      Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics

*      CMP/FT6 rated for use in walls and in a ceiling

*      Cable Type: Cat6Ethernet Cable Length: 1000 ft. (305m) Cable

*      The Color-coded label on the Box to identify the jacket color.

*      Suitable for 550MHz High-Speed Data Applications, Gigabit Ethernet,

*      Fast Ethernet and 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI (Copper Distributor Data Interface)

*      Exceeds EIA/TIA 568 B.2-1

*      High-Performance Data Communications Cable for Noisy Environments

*      Category-6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Plenum Cable

*      4-Pair - Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs

*      Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics

*      CMP/FT6 rated for use in walls and in a ceiling

*      Sequential foot markers

*      High-Performance Data Communications Cable for Noisy Environments

*      Cable Type: Cat6Ethernet Cable Length: 1000 ft. (305m) Cable

Cable length is 1000 feet in a box, box style is an easy pull. Cat6 Cable, ready for termination and routing, it has a bare end at the end of the cable where 1000ft complete and start of the cable where 1 foot is written on the cable. You can terminate the cable easily from the rest of your leisure. Our cat6 plenum cable has 4 pairs unshielded; 1 pair contains 2 solid 2 two-color mated insulated conductors twisted wires, conductors are twisted together to form a pair and four pairs assembled around a pair separator to form a core. Unshielded you can say it is UTP 4 pairs cable. This cable meets the requirements of where Category 6 specifications are required. Cat6 plenum 1000ft is used in plenum spaces in buildings for installation smooth and easy. A plenum space is an area in the building that facilitates heating, air conditioning, air circulation and catering for the transportation of environmental air in a given structure. In the plenum space you set up your cabling set, due to a high quantity of oxygen and heating, it can be dangerous and can flam out there, here you need the cable which retardant the fire and can save the whole environment. You know that fire can spread harmful chemicals and smoke in the human living room/area and can mix up with oxygen. That’s why we recommend Plenum-rated cat6 cable. This cable is not much hard nor much flexible. Its standard flexibility to move or turn the cable in the duct and sealing. Inside the cable exact under the jacket, you can find a nylon ripcord. Ripcord holds the 4 pairs along with separator. Ripcord works when you need to remove the jacket over 6 inched or more. You can tear off the jacket with ripcord. It can’t damage the pairs. Its 8 solid conductors cover or insulated with PE insulation which makes resistance to extreme attacks. Cores of the cable are fire retardant, CMP fire safety rating cable, and no smoke. Feel safe and secure to install our Cat6 plenum low voltage cable in your commercial and residential property. During the production and manufacturing of the cable the pairs of wires tighter twisted, it helps to prevent noise and crosstalk interference. In the jacket, there is a physical separator in the cable between the four pairs which allows Gigabit transmission and further reduces electromagnetic interference

Our Cat6 plenum cable is tested, it been tested by immediate burning, in respect of its conformity with safety codes which are set up by the NFPA (Nation Fire Protection Association) 262 (Standard Method of Test for Flame Travel and Smoke of Wires and Cables for Use in Air-Handling Spaces) standards. The outer jacket of our cable is No-Smoke and no toxic chemicals release if fire or flame ignition in the places.

Cm cables do not compromise over the quality of the cables and their other products. cat6 plenum is the best and cost-effective solution for installation where Cat6 standards are required. Cm cable Inc. is a symbol of quality in Texas. It's our mission to provide you the best quality products at your doorsteps. cm cables vision is to provide you the best quality and economical low-cost solutions.

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